Erotic Tantra & Sensual Massage in Phoenix by Goddess Sonja

Session & Prices

Tantra - Experience Something Truly Different

Your experience with me  will be similar and at the same time very  different from the body rub or erotic sensual massage world you already know. Discover how relaxing and energizing it is to be caressed from head to toe by knowledgeable hands. I know where to go and how to touch to awaken your stream of desire for more of life.

Be assured that I cherish, understand, and know you as a man.

My training  provides you with my full presence within a well structured tantric massage / body session.

For a truly satisfying, sensual experience, female and male energies must come together in harmony. If you come to me as a mature man who knows your gifts of providing, protecting, and loving the feminine, I will come to you as a sensual, feminine woman. A woman who knows how to be there for you with all my knowledge and attention. A woman who cherishes and loves the masculine.  My sensual Tantra sessions offers you the gift of receiving without having to worry about performance. Tantra teaches about moving energy in ones body for a heightened experience. Thru it you are able to rejuvenate and nourish your body, mind and soul and re-balance your emotional state.

Indulge in an ecstatic warm connection of deep presence. Experience pure transformational Energy & Sensual Tantric Touch with a Sensual, Mature, Beautiful European Lady. Treat yourself to a fantastic Sensual erotic Tantra Experience.

I will nourish you with my warm and skilled hands,
giving your body the attention it needs, craves and deserves
 with my mastery in using the entire body to touch with clear intent. Your experience will be deeply relaxing and loving.
You will receive what you most likely have never felt before. Most responses I get is “No one ever touched me like this before!”
This tantric erotic sensual session will leave you with ever lasting fulfillment. The heart space I offer in my massage sessions will open and nourish your heart.Your experience will be deeply relaxing and loving.

Tantra - Awaken Every Cell
eceive a tantric sensual full body touch / massage experience 

- Learn about sacred spiritual sexuality
(how to enhance your sexual experiences
thru heightened sensations and breathing techniques)


Relationship Improvement Session

Learn how to bring back life to your sexuality inside your partnership / relationship. Here you learn about some essential difference between men and women in all aspects of life. It will help you to open the door again to a fulfilling love life

I invite you to give yourself something special, because you are special:
1 hour: $200
1½ hour: $285
2 hours: $380
3 hours: $580

It is best to leave all expectations behind as soon as you step through the door of my studio. If we encounter each other without any expectations, we are opening the space for a very special interaction.

However, here are a few things I would like you to know:  

  • Kindly refrain from any discussion about money. 
  • Please arrive on time. If you are running late or early,
    call and let me know. 
  • An appointment is a business encounter. Kindly respect my time and give me appropriate notice for cancellations or rescheduling. I appreciate at least one day’s notice or two hour’s notice for same-day cancellations so I can adjust my schedule.

Thank you! I appreciate your gentlemanly consideration.    

Sonja: 480-489-6306