Erotic Tantra & Sensual Massage in Phoenix by Goddess Sonja

About Sonja

  Nature is endlessly beautiful, as is the physical body, female or male. It is our duty as humans on this planet to protect and nourish nature in its creation. It is also our duty to nourish, cherish, and feed our physical bodies. The body needs more than just food for nourishment—it also requires touch and sensual caressing to be healthy and vibrant.

Realizing this truth is my personal journey of life, I have the desire to give this gift to others. Fifteen years ago I started my journey of self-discovery, taking different paths to learn spirituall, tantric and sexual knowledge. Along the way I encountered the different ways we get restricted in our naturalness, erotic & sexual expression. Working through these layers of discovery, I focused on releasing those restrictions in myself. My desire for personal freedom has led me to where I am today.

The gift I offer the world is the beauty and freedom of sexual expression. I seek to end the war between the feminine and masculine by seeing and knowing the wisdom and beauty of both.

The knowledge I’ve accumulated about Tantra & sexuality is far beyond what is known in western society. Sexual energy is for pleasure and healing; it is an essential part of what we are as sacred human beings.

A Sensual  Erotic Tantra session can help you improve all aspects of your life. It creates calmness and awareness, awakening energies within you that would otherwise remain dormant.

Enhanced sexuality is what Tantra is about. It celebrates that all aspects of life in a body are sacred and to be celebrated. Nothing is to be denied or excluded. This includes a healthy, joyous sexuality.